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Another Camera Shake Node: Combine CG vectors with 2d camera shake so the CG motion blur does not go wierd. Uses either vector Blur or 2d transform motion blur . GitHub link


My shot, CG BG, Greenscreen FG. Has a fast crane camera move and it requires camera shake. I had this problem: How do I add the motion blur to the CG of both the original camera move and the camera shake without the contradictory vectors looks wrong. i.e. motion blur in one direction and then motion blur in another direction. The solution is of course to combine the rendered CG motion vector pass with the motion vectors of the camera shake and apply the motion blur in one hit (at the bottom of the comp), rather than twice.
Bored again i made a node to solve this problem and while I was at it added a ton of other features:

  • pre-sets
  • tiling (for the edges, rather than scaling the image – this only works in some cases)
  • pre-transform parameters (i.e. to scale the image);
  • combining two noise patterns together i.e. a small vibration shake with a hand-held shake.;
  • view the output curves with time offsets to place the big ‘bumps’ at the right time;
  • separate amplitude and frequency for Transform, scale and rotation.
  • motion blur is separate from transform so either can be applied seperatly

What this does not do:

  • more realistic corner pin type distortions
  • tiling only works in vector mode


Main controls: gui1
Select to use motion vector pass: gui2
The curves: The curves tab gives you access to the knobs you need to view the curves as well as move the curves in time. gui3
The curve controls have a second curve, this allows a main camera move like a handheld shake, and then combine it with a little shake like the shake from a car. curve1 curve2

GitHub link


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