Centriod / Lighthouse Motion Capture Lab

Last week i spent a couple of days at Centriod’s huge motion capture stage at Shepperton Studios and a jolly day of lectures and veggie food at Lighthouse’s base in Brighton.

Lighthouse is a digital culture agency based in Brighton. They support, commission and exhibit work by artists and filmmakers. They are the UK’s leading mentoring programme for filmmakers – Guiding Lights – which supports rising film talent by connecting them with some of the industry’s greatest names, including Sam Mendes, Alex Garland, Kenneth Branagh and Barbara Broccoli.

Speakers at Lighthouse ranged from the mo-cap supervisor Simon Kay (Iron Man, John Carter) explaining the practical planning and limitations of current face and body capture and seminal installation artist and academic Kirk Woolford:

Centriod digitaly records the motion animal and human performance of up to 10 performers simultaneously on a large stage. Centriod has captured animation used by film and game makers to drive the motion of cg characters on projects like John Carter, Hugo, DJ Hero and Radiohead’s ‘Go To Sleep Video’

Phil, Stuart and Ian at Centeriod are a great bunch of guys, fun to hang out with as well being really cool sharing there unique professional experience with us to to make our projects. The first day was spent learning the motion capture ropes as well as being taught by master puppeteer William Todd-Jones. On the last day we made two short animated films with Robert and Daniel from MrKaplin

Here are a few pics at Shepperton:


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