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Stitched Panorama

Stitched Panorama



Nuke Tools London

Nuke tools: Having spent half of 2014 working as a freelance Nuke Compositor for TV vfx vendors, I’ve had to make or download various nuke tools that I needed that I usually take for granted in the film world. Theses are those tools. I’ve uploaded them to... read more

128gb render server goes boom!

YAY! Took a few days how to learn how to set up a linux sever via the commandline. But now I’ve got something to render really complicated sims and photogrammetry with. BOOM! (5 year old Dell Poweredge 16 core server with x5 Raid and x2 fiber – Ebay £300.... read more

Nuke: Camera Shake

Summary: Another Camera Shake Node: Combine CG vectors with 2d camera shake so the CG motion blur does not go wierd. Uses either vector Blur or 2d transform motion blur . GitHub link Intro: My shot, CG BG, Greenscreen FG. Has a fast crane camera move and it requires... read more

Job Offer Calculator VFX

Job Offer Calculator VFX : Here is a handy excel spreadsheet to check job offers*, or at least the financial aspect of the offer. Most companies present their offers differently making it difficult to compare. Pay date ranges, overtime, holidays, benefits and extras... read more

Motion Interpolation

When Disney’s Paperman came out it discovered a new technique.  This was using 3d vectors generated from animated geometry to create in-between frames of 2d drawn images or Motion Vector Inbetweening Several VFX companies have started using this... read more

Nuke Tool: layout cameras & better VFX

Several of the larger vfx companies recently have moved to a different vfx film-making practice which is a small but important concept change in how we work. This is the practice of positioning the shot plate and cg to the blocking or layout position earlier... read more

2013 ‘Film’ Cameras: indie festivals

Using data of films that have made it to festival release as a long form feature (from I crunched some data into some statistics; here is a quick look and approximation of what indie films used what cameras in the Sundance, SXSW & Tribeca 2013... read more